Udhyog Vihar, Gurgaon

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  • August 7, 2015
Udhyog Vihar, Gurgaon

Udyog Vihar in Gurgaon was developed by HSIDC as an alternative to industrial areas of Delhi. Strategically located on the border between Delhi and Gurgaon, Udyog Vihar was established for all non-polluting industries. Targetted towards small and medium sized industries, it offered better infrastructure than the neighbouring states of Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan.

The Challenge

When M&A was appointed agency, there was a huge Property slump in the market. Despite being on the Delhi Border, there were no takers for Udhyog Vihar in Gurgaon. Regular ads and marketing efforts by HSIDC were not yielding any results.

The Action Plan

A detailed action plan was drawn out. The idea was to do something off-beat as normal efforts were not yielding any results.  The following actions were undertaken to promote Udhyog Vihar.

  • A portion of Udhyog Vihar was earmarked for promotion. It was called Vanijya Nikunj. The idea was that if this area was successful, the rest of the areas in Udhyog Vihar will automatically ride on its shoulders.
  • A team comprising of the Chief Secretary, MD of HSIDC and M&A’s representatives was formed to take the concept to industrialists across India.
  • Ad campaigns, seminars and road shows were planned across the metropolitan cities of the country. Such efforts were made for the first ever time by a Government Body
  • All large and medium sized industrialists were invited to participate in Seminars/workshops and a date was announced for an auction in Delhi.
The Result

Despite reservations in the real estate circles, the auction was a huge success and it was closed earlier than expected to create scarcity. The rest is history…..

Today, Udyog Vihar is one of the most prized locations in India with MNCs and Indian Corporates moving in. Tata Consultany, Airtel, India Bulls, Boston Consulting are some of the names.

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