Smart Academy for Healthcare

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  • April 5, 2017
Smart Academy for Healthcare

The film is about three youngsters who managed to transform their lives by enrolling with Tech Mahindra Smart Academy for Healthcare. After completing their training at the state-of-the-art Academy, they were successfully placed in various paramedic jobs with reputed hospitals.


Tech Mahindra Foundation, a not for profit organisation ventured into the field of education by providing vocational training in the emerging healthcare sector. Considering the paucity of trained professionals in India, this was a natural corollary for the Foundation to branch into. The first Academy was established in North Delhi under the name of Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Healthcare.

The Challenge

As Tech Mahindra Foundation had been providing free vocational training, the organisation was not geared up to face the commercial markets in healthcare education where they were competing against established brands like Vivo and Max. The challenge was how to change the mindset from a Non-Profit Social Sector to Commercial Education Sector. The Academy did not break much ground in getting students for almost 18 months. A new Academy in Chandigarh was also to be launched soon.

The Action Plan

A detailed action plan was drawn out. The entire Academy team was huddled in a conference where the Agency made a presentation on how to change their perceptions. The idea was to move away from mobilization and get into marketing. The plan included a dedicated website for the Academy, an aggressive media plan, a marketing film and a call centre to market the Academy and receive responses for marketing efforts.

The Result

After an year of the efforts, the Academy was able to successfully market its courses and get the required numbers. The Chandigarh Academy was also successfully launched with the required student strength. Efforts are still under way to establish the brand as the top most institute in the healthcare sector.


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